See what's trending on your website right now

Faster1 and much easier to use than Google Analytics 4

Monitor activity as it happens on your website.
It works without cookies, so no cookie-banner needed.

1 Our service is really Real-time, not just the last 30 min like in Google Analytics 4

Who needs Real-time Analytics?

Core features

Why not choose Google Analytics or Chartbeat?

Bugs in Google Analytics are actually the main reason we started our service. Read more about it here. The new Google Analytics 4 also provides just "real-time"-data from the last 30 minutes. We show data in Real-time. Our focus is a fast, simple analytics dashboard with a minimalistic design. You don't need to teach your users how to use it - it's so simple everyone understands it.

Chartbeat is indeed a great product. It's just a bit expensive for smaller publishers and much more complex to use than

Like to hack the data? We provide all data from our dashboard also via Real-time API. You can build your own dashboards or integrate some metrics on your website (like "Most read" etc.). It's a simple, fast JSON Feed (example here). No headache with complicated SDKs or Packages, you can get started in minutes.

Our infrastructure

Our tracking code is delivered of a CDN. This means, it's delivered in milliseconds to your users. If our service is down, your website is still working. We can handle thousands of pageviews per second. So even if you're website is having a lot of users out of nowhere, we can handle it.

Our product is everything about whats going on right now on your website.

Questions? Talk to a human

If you have a question about our service, just write us an email. We answer normally really fast. Even after you became a customer, we're here for you at anytime. You don't have to open a ticket or talk to a sales person first to address a question about a feature or a bug.

We're currently in closed Beta, but we're onboarding a few selected clients every week to scale wisely. If you're interested in using our service, please click here: