About the data we collect

If website uses Realtime.li, the user data is stored for just 30 minutes. We don't use cookies to follow users.

As a Real-time Analytics Service, we don't store any user data for longer than 30 minutes. Our clients see in their dashboards only real-time data from right now. We don't save any long-term data or personal data from users.

Under EU GDPR, (General Data Protection Regulation) data protection does not apply to anonymised data. Anonymous data can’t be re-identified and is not considered to be personal data meaning that under all privacy regulations, this data can be collected and used without user notification or consent. We do not share any user data with any 3rd parties or other companies.

What we collect from end-users to provide our service

  • Salted & encrypted Hash of the IP address and Browser Agent String
  • The URL
  • The Referrer URL
  • The Country Code (comes from our CDN)
  • If you're using a Desktop or Mobile device (but not the Model etc.)
  • A timestamp of the request

We don't use any cookies on end-users devices. There are no backups of the processed data and there are no access logs active on our tracking servers.

If you have any questions about our privacy policy, please contact us at [email protected].