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Realtime Analytics is created entirely by professionals who have worked in the news industry. We understand exactly what data is important for those working in newsrooms and content teams.

Meet the Founder

While I have always acknowledged Google Analytics as a leading web analytics service, I personally felt some of its real-time data features were limiting.

As someone who deeply relies on real-time data, the challenges I faced using it, combined with the struggle to connect with their support, led me to think there might be a better way. That’s how I came up with Realtime Analytics.

I’m proud to say I bootstrapped Realtime Analytics from the ground up, and it’s now thriving and profitable.

Ben Rüegg, Founder Realtime Analytics

Our Mission: Stop the Analytics Craze, Start Seeing Metrics That Matter

Editorial Analytics represents a specialized segment within the broader Analytics Industry, catering specifically to the unique requirements of newsrooms and content teams.

Unlike marketing teams or general data analysts, journalists and editors prioritize certain metrics, necessitating immediate access to data.

While there are several other Editorial Analytics tools available in the market, such as Chartbeat, Marfeel, and Smartocto, many of these have evolved over time to include a plethora of features that often exceed the practical needs of newsroom personnel.

Our mission is distinct: to provide an analytics tool that is simple, swift, and intuitive. We focus on delivering a user-friendly experience, ensuring that our tool is so straightforward that your team colleagues can use it effortlessly, without needing extensive explanations or training.

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We’re proud to see that so many of our trial users enjoy our product. A stunning 80% of them choose to stay with us after the free trial. Are you ready to be our next satisfied customer?

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Realtime Analytics is located in Berlin and Zurich. We’re 100% profitable and bootstrapped.


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Already +100 media brands worldwide use our real-time dashboard to make better content decisions.

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