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The real-time analytics alternative to Google Analytics 4

Monitor readers’ behavior in real-time, focus on metrics that matter

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Built with and designed for newsrooms, journalists and other content creators

We believe that web analytics should be enjoyable and straightforward. That’s why we designed our tool to be easy to comprehend, even if you’ve never used analytics software before. 

Every story has the potential to go viral - discover where it happens, within seconds

Uncover the sources of your article’s readership at a glance. With just one click, gain insights into whether your traffic is driven by referring sites, your marketing campaign (UTM), or Google Discover.


Unlike Google, we don't track your users across the web

We prioritize real-time insights over long-term data storage. Our commitment to Real-time allows us to limit user data storage to just 24 hours. Utilizing advanced hashing algorithms, we ensure the utmost privacy for your users, while still delivering powerful analytics.

Realtime API included in all plans

Our Realtime Analytics API enables you to request real time data—for example, real time activity on your property— for an authenticated user.  The API is included in all plans at no extra costs.

Only 20% of newsroom employees engage with Google Analytics

Source: Customer survey July 2022 (Basis: 100 employees in newsrooms worldwide)


"It's frustrating"

Only 20% of newsroom staff check Google Analytics daily. They find it complex and challenging to navigate, leading to frequent frustrations. Moreover, they feel that GA4’s new real-time view doesn’t cater to the specific needs of news publishers.


"It's easy to understand"

A staggering 92% of our users keep our dashboard open throughout their workday, often making it the first tool they engage with each morning. “It’s easy to understand and we feel it’s made for publishers, by publishers”. When it comes to data, less is more.

Monitor, analyze, and react to your traffic in real time

Faster than Google Analytics 4

Unlike GA4, which shows data from the last 30 min, we provide a truly real-time view of your website’s performance.

No cookie consent needed

We don’t use cookies to track users, meaning there’s no need for cookie consent banners. 

Made for high-traffic websites

Our service is designed to handle thousands of concurrent users without sacrificing accuracy or performance.

Support for AMP

We continue to provide tracking for AMP, and our dashboard will display articles that are gaining popularity through AMP.

Lightning-fast, 99,99% uptime

Our tracking script (2KB) is loaded globally via CDN, ensuring that it will never impede the speed of your website.

Add Unlimited Team Members

Add unlimited users at no extra cost, and grant them access to specific properties if you manage more than one website.

«Realtime is one of the best live website tracking tools. It is simple and easy to navigate, unlike Google Analytics»

Shalabh Garg

Shalabh Garg

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