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Optimize pages while readers are on your site, not after they’re gone

Monitor readers’ behavior in real-time, focus on metrics that matter

Built with and designed for newsrooms, journalists, and other content creators

We believe web analytics should be straightforward and enjoyable. That’s why we designed our tool to be easy to comprehend, even if you’ve never used analytics software before. 

Every story has the potential to go viral - discover where It happens, within seconds

Easily uncover the traffic sources of your article’s readership. With just one click, gain insights into whether your traffic is driven by referring sites, your marketing campaign (UTM), or Google Discover.


No Data-Sampling

Tools including Google Analytics do data sampling for all their reports to speed-up database requests. We default to providing accurate, unsampled data. Our dashboard reflect the actual activities on your site.

Realtime API

Use our Realtime Analytics to build your own dashboard or to display the “most read”-articles directly on your website. Our API provides all the data points you also see in our dashboard, updated every 10 seconds.

No cookie consent needed

Realtime Analytics functions entirely without cookies, eliminating the need for cookie consent from your users. Our commitment to real-time processing enables us to limit user data storage to a mere 24 hours. 

Made for Newsrooms

Our dashboards are optimized for newsrooms and content teams. See at a glance which articles are performing on your website and where visitors are coming from.

Analytics without the waiting

The media industry moves fast with today’s pace of digital interactions with readers. That’s why it’s important to have real-time data available to make the best content decisions.

No Tutorials needed

Our dashboards are so simple that they need no introduction or additional training.  Just send the link to the dashboard to your colleagues – that’s it!

The dashboard that your team keeps open all the time

92% of our users keep our dashboard open throughout their workday, often making it the first tool they engage with each morning. “It’s easy to understand and we feel it’s made for publishers, by publishers”. When it comes to data, less is more.

The real-time dashboard alternative to Google Analytics 4

Faster than Google Analytics 4

Unlike GA4, which shows data from the last 30 min, we provide a truly real-time view of your website’s performance.

Made for high-traffic websites

Our service is designed to handle thousands of concurrent users without sacrificing accuracy or performance.

Support for AMP

We continue to provide tracking for AMP, and our dashboard will display articles that are gaining popularity through AMP.

Lightning-fast with 99.99% uptime

Our tracking script (2KB) is loaded globally via CDN, ensuring that it will never impede the speed of your website.

Add unlimited team members

Add unlimited users at no extra cost, and grant them access to specific properties if you manage more than one website.

«Everyone knows what's happening on our site»

Frequently asked questions

What differentiates Realtime Analytics from other analytics tools?

Our dashboard is designed specifically for newsrooms and content teams. The majority of our focus is on processing real-time data. Most user data is therefore deleted again after 24 hours. However, you can still check our dashboard to see which articles generated the most pageviews yesterday or on a specific date.

For more extensive long-term analyses, we recommend continuing to use an additional analytics tool. You can easily use our service simultaneously with other analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, etc.

Will it slow down my website?

No, your website speed is not affected in any way when using our service. Our script is barely 2KB in size and is delivered over a worldwide content delivery network (CDN). All statistics analysis is done in the background and does not affect the speed of your website.

Is it easy to install?

Yes, our tracking pixel can be installed on your website with a few clicks. Most customers add our tracking code via Google Tag Manager, it’s done in a few minutes.

Of course, you can also add our tracking code by hand in the <head> section of your website. And if they are still using AMP, we offer a special tracking script for that as well.

How many websites/domains can i track?

You can track as many websites or domains as you want, and you’ll have access to each dashboard within your account. Pricing is calculated based on the total number of pages across all domains and websites, so they are all combined together in the calculation.

How many team members can i add to my dashboard?

You can add unlimited team members to your dashboard for free. We don’t charge per seats.

What happens if I go over my page view limit?

We don’t penalize you for occasional traffic spikes, and we won’t shut your account off if you reach your plan limit early. In the event that you exceed your plan limit two months in a row or within the first month of joining our platform, we’ll simply inform you that your account is being upgraded. You can then choose to continue with the upgraded plan or cancel your account without any obligation.

Where ist the data stored?

All of our data is securely stored and hosted within the European Union, with our data centers located in Frankfurt and Nuremberg, Germany. We are committed to providing real-time analytics services, and as part of this commitment, we store user data for only 24 hours before it is permanently deleted. This ensures that we do not retain long-term data, aligning with our focus on real-time insights. Additionally, our use of a Content Delivery Network (CDN) ensures optimal global performance, offering fast and reliable access from any location around the world.

I do have more questions before signing up

Just send us an email at [email protected] and we’re happy to answer all your questions.

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