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Seconds not minutes or hours can make a difference of decision making is powering decision making in editorial and newsrooms globally. Don't wait for reports, see what your readers care about in real time.

A beautiful dashboard for site managers.
The most important data at a glance.

We'd rather convince you with a live demo than a sales call. That's why we show a real working demo of our dashboard below.
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Optimize your pages while readers are on your site, not after they’re gone

Analytics without the waiting

The media industry moves fast with today’s pace of digital interactions with readers. That's why it's important to have real-time data available to make the best content decisions.

No cookie banners required

Realtime Analytics works 100% without cookies, so no cookie consent needed. Our company is located in Berlin and our servers are also located in Germany.

Made for Newsrooms

Our dashboards are optimized for newsrooms and content teams. See at a glance which articles are performing on your website and where visitors are coming from.

No tutorials needed

Our dashboards are so simple that they need no introduction or additional training. Our UI/UX is super simple to understand. Just send the link to the dashboard to your colleagues - that's it!

Realtime API

Use our API to build your own dashboard or to display the "most read"-articles directly on your website. Our Realtime API provides all the data points you also see in our dashboard.


If you run multiple websites, use our "multi-dashboard" and see all the traffic in one single dashboard. If you use AMP, we offer a special tracking script for AMP.

Stop the analytics craze.
Start seeing data that matters.

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