Browser Market Share (February 2024): Firefox is still strong on Desktop

At Realtime Analytics, we processed over 2 billion visits in February 2024. Let’s examine the browsers and operating systems preferred by users globally, especially those frequenting news publishers’ websites.

When it comes to browsing, Google Chrome is a clear favorite for almost half of internet users. However, its popularity isn’t as rock-solid as it used to be. Chrome’s market share has been bobbing around 54% on desktop, a sign that some users are exploring different options.

It turns out, people are getting smarter about their online safety and are starting to pick browsers that offer a more secure way to surf the web.

In the coming months, things might shake up even more, especially for iOS users. Apple’s planning to roll out a new feature in the EU, where iOS users get to pick their own default browser. This could really mix things up, changing what browser people use on their Apple devices.

Source: Realtime Analytics (2 billion visits, February 2024)

Top Browser Desktop:

1. Chrome (54%)
2. Firefox (16%)
3. Edge (14%)
4. Safari (12%)
5. Opera (1,6%)

Top Browser Mobile:

1. Chrome (65%)
2. Safari (16%)
3. Facebook In-App (6,8%)
4. Samsung Internet (5,9%)
5. Firefox (0,4%)

Top OS Desktop:

1. Windows (80%)
2. MacOS (17%)
3. Linux (2,4%)

Top OS Mobile:

1. Android (76%)
2. iOS (24%)

Top Browser (iOS):

1. Safari (63%)
2. Chrome (19%)
3. Facebook In-App (10%)
4. Instagram In-App (0,4%)

Top Browser (Android):

1. Chrome (79%)
2. Samsung Internet (7,7%)
3. Facebook In-App (5,3%)
4. Firefox (0,5%)


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