New Feature: Introducing “Top Pages”

As analytics experts, we founded Realtime Analytics with the primary goal of providing the fastest real-time dashboard in the market. Our focus has always been on real-time data, and until now, our tool did not cover long-term data analysis.

We are excited to announce our latest update, which introduces two new views in our dashboard: “Real-time” for real-time data and “Top Pages” for reviewing the best-performing pages over the past few days. While other providers like Google Analytics require multiple clicks to switch between real-time and long-term data, our newly designed dashboard allows users to toggle between these views with just a single click.

The new “Top Pages” feature is not only a convenient addition to the dashboard but is also accessible through our API. Developers can now easily retrieve pageview data for specific timeframes, such as yesterday, last week, or any desired date via the API. This new feature streamlines the data extraction process, allowing users to seamlessly integrate their website’s top-performing pages’ data into their own systems or applications.

With these new additions, Realtime Analytics aims to become the go-to solution for businesses seeking a comprehensive and user-friendly analytics platform. By offering real-time and long-term data analysis in a single, intuitive dashboard, we are empowering our users to make data-driven decisions and optimize their websites for enhanced performance and user engagement.

You can experience our new feature by testing it out in our Live-Demo, which comes equipped with dummy data for your convenience.

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